Friday, January 1, 2010

...It's No Secret

OK. So it's no secret that keeping up my blog is pretty low on my very long list of to-do's and priorities. I enjoy checking our friend's and family's blogs, and blog surfing is a favorite past-time of mine, assuming that I ever have any time to pass! Jon and I both stay incredibly busy keeping up with the family and with one another, so actually sitting down and being still long enough to upload a photo or two alongside a quick blurb of our most recent holiday or happening is a rarity. It shouldn't be that difficult to do, but somehow, it is....

Life with Austin and the twins is like being in a 24/7 cage-match...Jon and I just tag one another in when we need a break! I'm very thankful that he's so hands-on and incredible with the kids. It turns out that this parenting gig is waaay more challenging than the pamphlet made it out to be!

This year, I make a solemn resolve to TRY to post once a week, (or so..) For now, I leave you with this recent picture of my little stinkers:


juli said...

It is hard to keep it going but I love to look over the last few months and recap all the stories that escape my memory so quickly.
You and Jon are both wonderful, fun parents.