Thursday, October 23, 2008

4th Picture in 4th Folder Tag

Seriously, everyone else is doing this 4th picture thing, so... it's easy and quick enough for me to knock out. This is the fourth picture in the fourth file in my pictures folder:

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This is Grandma Lois holding Ginger, with Kelly & Mike standing, Aug 6 1974, Fair Oaks, CA.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Time is so fleeting...

Time is so fleeting... One day, you're lounging around in your pj's at 2pm wondering what you're going to do for entertainment, if anything, and then, what seems like the very next day, you have a 12 year old and two babies! What just happened?! I'm pretty sure that we thought we knew what we were in for...

Our children bring us so much happiness and peace inside that it's unimaginable what life would be like without them. Like any devoted parents, we completely adore our kids... Austin's sense of humor and good spirit, Walker is such a sweet boy - so smart and strong, and then there's Beautiful Gracen with her many attitudes! (We all work for her, by the way...)

Despite our exhaustion and a home with rooms that look like a Toys R' Us toy store, we are so very grateful, every day for all of the challenges - you know the old saying, "Without bad times, there could be no good times." Well, it's true. We've learned that anything truly worth having never comes easy or cheap. What we have as a family is priceless.

We haven't posted in a few months, so I have tried to put together a slideshow of the kids over the last couple of months. They have a birthday coming up this weekend, so I'll try to post pics of that event before Christmas gets here!

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How Time Flys - 10-22-08