Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Big Lou's Photos

Our good friend, Lou Goodrum, is a very talented photographer. He generally specializes in outdoor events, portraits, weddings, ball games, parties, etc., but since Lou is such a nice guy, he came over one evening when Walker and Gracen were only one month old and took a few pictures of them for us. Jon and I were hoping to get a few good shots of the babies to put in their nursery, but were suprised at how many photos we loved. We ended up purchasing a CD of the entire session. Unfortunately, Austin was not home on the evening these were taken, so unfairly enough, he's not in any of them...

You can check out Lou's website at:; his contact information is listed. Give him a shout if your're ever in need of his services. Here is a portion of the pictures that he took, keeping in mind that babies are not his specialty, and the fact that Jon and I were not even planning on being a part of the shoot:

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Every Day is a Cute Friday at Our House

Jon's sister, Amy, is diligent about posting a super-cute photo of her sweet baby, James, on her blog each Friday. She always titles it "Cute Friday." I was just thinking of how lucky we are, because every day is a "Cute Friday" around our house! The babies and Austin are always so sweet to watch, and, of course, we have a ba-zillion photos of the kids. Here is a slideshow of the everyday glimpses of the adorable-ness that we are constantly blessed with.