Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Our Heavenly Family Ice Cream Sundae...

For those of you who know us well, you're probably familiar with how many years we have been praying for and working towards expanding our family. After over seven years of trials, heartaches, and near-hits, we have finally and successfully defied Mother Nature and practically forced her to give up a couple of sweet little spirits to us.

This Friday morning, October 26, we have scheduled a Cesarean section that will introduce our little loved ones into the world. Jonathan, April, and Austin are anxious and thrilled about meeting the whipped cream and cherry that will top off their much awaited eternal family sundae.

Though Austin wanted two boys, he's conceded to "raising the girl up to be a tomboy," and has decided it may not be so bad to have one of each. We are all so much in love with them already!


Amy said...

James can't wait to see his cousins again.

Brenda said...

Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! They are gorgeous little miracles that make me feel happy just by looking at their little faces!
I am so glad everything went so well, and am looking forward to meeting them in person. Good job April and John!