Saturday, April 10, 2010

Jon's 33rd Birthday!

Husband turned 33 years old on the 7th of April...he's still so young, (especially compared to me!) :) He had gone out of town for work-related training and returned on the evening of his birthday. The kids and I discussed his birthday and they decided to throw him a party. Grace wanted to throw him a "Princess" party, and Walker voted on a "Cars" theme... Unbeknownst to him, we put together a make-shift shin-dig at the very last minute.
We opted to go with some of his favorites...Things to eat: my homemade manicotti, steamed green beans, rice krispie treats topped with mini chocolate chips, cookie monsters with Blue Bell vanilla ice cream, (a humongous chocolate chip cookie topped with ice cream, chocolate syrup, and whipped cream.) We strung up a make-shift birthday banner and a bunch of his favorite family photos from over the years for decoration. I even made coordinating party hats.
The kids gave him some of his personal favorite types of candy - If you know Jon very well, you know that he can put away some sugar! He got chocolate covered cherries, Reeses peanut butter cups, (the mini ones, of course,) black Red Vines licorice, and Peeps. He got a few personal items, and we hooked him up with a Scrabble since he's presently hooked on playing Words With Friends on his iPhone.
...Austin even "borrowed" some of our neighbor's flowers for the event :)